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Welcome to this site of Sanctuary

I thought I would write this Blog as so many positive things have happened, and continue to happen to me in this life, and sometimes I fail to appreciate or keep note of them, and also to share them with others, often giving them inspiration and hope.

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When Andrew met Harry and Judi

When I was still working for Marco Polo Hotels in Hong Kong, often I would go from my office to one of the hotels in the Ocean Centre complex for lunch. On the way back I would always go through the O

There are no coincidences...

I don't believe in coincidences...Everything happens for a reason. We may not always understand or appreciate it at the time, and it may be connected to something in the future rather than the present

It’s all about Intention…

I remember it was a Wednesday morning, sometime ago, and I needed to speak to three people about some of my charity work that I was doing for the KELY Support Group. It was very important to me to get


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