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I was going through my e-mails the other day and I received a contact message through our website that said, “I’d like to send you the PDF of my book, “I Don’t Want to be Your Guru, But I Have Something to Say.” The signature at the bottom said that this message was sent by Joyce Shafer Life Coach and Author.

Although I have never met Joyce, something in the title of the book resonated with me and said I should read it. 

The title immediately gave me the thought about the Omen of the Ashram that I describe on our website, where early on in my journey, I gain the insight and realize that people are looking for the lifestyle, learning programs and support offered in the Ashram in India, they just don’t want to have to follow a certain Guru. I often use a similar phrase when telling people about our resorts.

 I sent back a message to Joyce to say that I would love to read her book, and also asked her where she was based, and how she had found me.  

Joyce sent me the PDF copy of the book, telling me that she is based in New York, and had found me by Google Search! 

 As soon as I received the book, I knew that I had to read it right away. I put on some music (John Denver –The Rocky Mountain Collection actually – another story), and sat down to read the book.

 Well, I certainly was not expecting the emotion that it raised within me. After only a couple of pages my eyes welled up with tears. Not sad tears, but tears of realization, a feeling that I resonated with the thoughts and words expressed in this book, that I was reliving or reviewing an old text or acknowledging a previous experience.

 I read from cover to cover, without a break, and thoroughly enjoyed it. This book is incredibly well written, thought provoking, in a none-threatening way, instructive...and so very insightful. I must say I believe in and share the insights expressed in this book.

 Interestingly, many of the messages, sayings, portrayals in the book are those I also have gained and been using over the last few years since starting my own personal Journey. As an example, we consider Sanctuary Resorts a vehicle to support our Journey. Also some of the “teachings”; were similar to those that were shared with me on the Avatar course that I took where I created the concept of Sanctuary Resorts. In addition it appears to incorporate and relate to elements of the concept of our Universal Extranet.

 When I started my Journey, I read  “Celestine Prophecy”; and “Many Lives, Many Masters”, and since several works by Paulo Coehlo that have provided some insights for me at different points along the path of my journey, however I felt this was an even more powerful sharing of “the message”;. A sort of synthesis of these teachings.

 The book is not big and can be read and re-read easily. If you read nothing else today, buy and download a copy of this book. I believe it will be one of the most profound readings you will experience.


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