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Collective Wisdom

I have always envisaged Sanctuary Resorts to comprise of a number of people, a synergistic group of likeminded individuals doing what they do best to help create opportunities for others to maximise their potential through providing programs and processes where people can balance their Body Mind and spirit in an environmentally friendly space. Through performing their own vocations they also enhance their own lifestyle ambitions and help create a better, more balanced world. At the same time I recognised that through out my life I had managed to meet and interact with some incredible people who had helped me to get to where I am today. Their support and council was, and is, a valuable asset to me and always will be. I wanted to have them also join me on my journey. 


I had been looking for a term to call this body of people and wanted to move away from terms like, Board of Directors, or Group Advisors. One day when, I was In Bangkok, this was particularly prevalent in my thoughts and I knew I needed to resolve this matter. I picked up the Bangkok Post and a headline on one of the inside pages hit me. It was an article entitled Collective Wisdom. I had found what I had been looking for.

On the following pages is information on the people that make up our present Collective Wisdom. There is no limit to the number of people that will be a part of this Collective Wisdom as to limit the participants will only limit our own potential and the success that can be achieved through Sanctuary Resorts.

We hope that more people will join us on our journey whether as Associates, Guests, Supporters or Investors. Perhaps you are one of them?

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