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The Sanctuaries

As has been described in other writing here the development of Sanctuary Resorts was viewed as part of a journey. In this context the resorts that were manifested became resting places “Along the Way.” Some of these are listed on the following pages.

A saying often used by Andrew Jones, Guardian of Sanctuary Resorts is that “We don’t really own any part of this World, we just guard it for the next generation.” 


Therefore, over the last twenty plus years, Sanctuary Resorts has created and developed a number of award winning, and meaningful resorts, to provide model places where people can balance their body, mind and spirit, while also helping to support community development.

People ask how Sanctuary Resorts finds it’s properties, and as the Andrew says, “We don’t

find them, they find us.”

A unique business feature in confirming the selection of a Sanctuary Resort for the company, is that, if a new build development project, Andrew has to “walk the land” to ensure the energy is balanced with the concept, and if a renovation of an existing property, he has to “Sleep and dream there well.”

As these successful, self-sustainable resorts return to the community, new opportunities arise, and “The Journey continues.” Sanctuary Resorts is presently looking at additional locations in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and North America.

In addition, Sanctuary Resorts has created an affiliation program with likeminded people and other resort organizations to help promote, support and encourage the development of similar hospitality ventures, which support the community.

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