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Our Story

Sanctuary Resorts was established after Andrew Jones attended an AVATAR retreat to help find what he really wanted to do in life. 


Through this program he found the aspects that would make him happy and find balance in his life, and realised he could create this in a resort style environment. He shared this experience and his vision with other relatives and friends and they said, “That’s what we want too!”   


Having established that there was a larger market of interest in his vision, Andrew created Sanctuary Resorts in 1996, as a Resort Management Company that provides an environmentally friendly space where people can balance their body, mind and spirit.


In creating the concept, Andrew also wanted to find a way to balance the requirements of operating a profitable business with the needs of the community, and further, ways to share his learnt vocational skills, together with the knowledge gained from the community service work with Youth, in which he was engaged, thereby providing career mentoring and opportunities for young people.   

Over the last 20 plus years, Sanctuary Resorts has developed, managed or is affiliated with several award-winning properties including, The Bale, Bali, The Racha, Koh Racha, Thailand, Shinta Mani, Siem Reap, Cambodia and KANDAYA, Cebu, Philippines, amongst others.


Additional developments currently under discussion include resorts in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka.


Coming from a traditional hospitality background and corporate structure, Andrew  Jones, Guardian determined that he wanted to create a new way of working. Therefore, Sanctuary Resorts has established a virtual head office in Hong Kong through which a network of experienced, like minded  and focused group of  mentors is available to each of the resort properties. Each mentor has a diverse background of experience, giving Sanctuary Resorts the availability and benefit of this expertise without the requirement to pass excessive corporate overheads to owners and slowing down the communications process.

Andrew Jones, the Guardian and founder of Sanctuary Resorts directs the Organization. The corporate function is managed through Hong Kong, from where governance, guidance and support is provided for the individual properties and management teams.

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