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As part of the offerings to support people to find balance in their lives, each Sanctuary Resort has a Library area as part of their facilities. In the following pages we provide access to a virtual library of books curated from the readings of Andrew Jones, Guardian of Sanctuary Resorts.

By way of introduction to this section of the website, Andrew notes;

“When I started my journey in October of 1995 my thoughts and habits started to change. I began to read more books and through these books started to gain a better understanding of Life.


I felt I had started a journey and was in search of something. I had been everything in my profession from a Chef to a Vice President of a hotel company, but wasn’t feeling fulfilled. What was I in search of…the meaning of my life….enlightenment?

Over the past few years many books have been provided to me, some for just reading pleasure and interest, and some containing a stronger message about experiences and lessons that have happened along my life’s path.

In these pages, I will share and review some of these books and some of the lessons I have received. Many I also give as gifts to help people perhaps find their way in life, and promote awareness of positive forces in nature and the Universe.

These books are also available for purchase online with our link to Once you have read these books, consider giving them as a gift to one or more of your friends, and spread the good word.

I have also provided reviews, and their meaning to me, for some of the books, click on the link under the cover photo. More books will be added and reviewed periodically, so please return to these pages, and also join our mailing list here for further updates. Enjoy your reading!

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