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You need only to review mainstream and social media articles and postings to know that the world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Tourism, as we know it, shows marked differences from the way it was. The Travel Industry has now realised that a growing number of consumers are ready, willing and anxious to pay a premium to stay in spacious, environmentally sensitive, less structured resorts that focus on the health and wellbeing of their guests while caring for their associates and community. 


An ever increasing number of tour and travel companies offer adventure travel, experiential  or eco-tourism products to the many who want to maximise their time, and gain added value during their stay. It is now advocated that responsible and sustainable tourism is currently one of the fastest growing travel sector worldwide with earnings in the billions. With increasing concern about the environment and health and wellness, travellers join special tours devoted solely to such pursuits as trekking, mountain climbing, sailing, tennis, biking, walking and self-improvement. They are sophisticated, educated, affluent travellers who enjoy mentally and physically active lives. And their numbers are growing all the time.


Corporations spend many millions of dollars annually on workshops and courses for their associates, to improve trust and understanding in their workplace. These are retreat sessions are generally held in natural surroundings outside of their normal business environment.


More than twenty years ago Sanctuary Resorts saw this trend towards people seeking to balancing body, mind and spirit in a resort environment developing, and now it is in the mainstream of peoples lifestyle considerations when travelling.

The Architecture, The Environment and The Community

Environmentally sensitive and aesthetically appealing, the design of the low-rise buildings will be constructed in the ethnic style of its locale and utilize natural materials native to the region so that it blends seamlessly into its surroundings.


Every effort will be made to make the Resort an ecologically sound venture.


Owners and management will engage with the local community, attend and support community activities, respect local customs and celebrate local holidays and festivals. The participation of the local residents in the operation of the resort is an integral part of the company philosophy to provide sustainable tourism developments in the communities where we become established.

The Elements

It is envisaged that in providing facilities and services to support people in balancing their body mind and spirit, and help create health and wellness in their lifestyle, the following elements will form the basis of the offerings at a Sanctuary Resort.

  • Superior Spa facilities and treatments.

  • Fitness & Dietary programs.

  • Gym, Yoga and Meditation Centre for individual and group sessions

  • Seminar facilities for Corporate Retreats and Group Gatherings

  • Experiential Training facilities for Sport Activities, Boot Camps

  • Other Recreational facilities, e.g., Tennis

  • Traditional Exercise programs (e.g., Tai-Chi, Meditation)

  • Individual and Team Development programs and seminars​

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