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Universal Extranet

Have you ever thought of someone and they contacted you almost immediately? Or had someone say to you that they were thinking of you when you contacted them by telephone or via e-mail? Or shared the same thought, at the same time with a partner or close friend? That’s the Universal Extra Net working! This is a term I have coined to explain this natural phenomenon. Over the last few years these interactions have increased significantly for me and what I have come to realize and believe is that Science is mirroring Nature when it comes to the Internet. We know that we use only a small portion of the brain (our own super computer), so what is the rest of it for and how can it be used.


I believe that we are all connected by the same Universal energy source. That when we have a thought, and put energy behind it (just having the thought is not enough), we can send it, using the connectivity to the Universal Energy Network, to another recipient. How does it work? I have no idea, I am on a fast track to enlightenment, I just know it works. Ask the people who started the Internet; they probably could come up with a better explanation.


In the meantime as we do not have these skills honed to perfection yet, if you would like to contact us by way of the “normal” means of earthbound communications, click here you will find our contact details.


We would love to hear from you.

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