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Mind over Matter

Many years ago, just after I completed the Avatar course and started Sanctuary Resorts, I was on a business trip to Kuala Lumpur to attend the Board meeting of the Indian Ocean Tourism Organization (IOTO). I had just purchased a new suitcase for the trip and on arrival at the hotel I realized that the lock was not closing properly. I decided that I needed to re-set the lock and started to follow the instructions. However in trying to re-set the lock I accidentally closed the case without knowing the new combination number.

All the papers I needed for the meeting were in the suitcase. I tried to open the case with various combinations, getting more and more frustrated each spin of the three digit configuration required.

I remembered that a friend of mine had told me another mutual friend had once used Reiki to fix a fax machine in their office, and I had this thought that perhaps I could open the suitcase using a similar method.

For some reason I felt that if I could just focus enough energy I may be able to open the lock, although I had never done such a thing before.

In order to distract my mind from being upset, I made some telephone calls and did some reading, and then tried again, but still without success. I was getting resigned to calling the maintenance department to loan me a screwdriver to break the lock of my nice new suitcase.

As I wasn’t getting anywhere fast, I decided to go for a walk and get some fresh air. After about an hour, I returned to the room and as it was getting near to the time for the meeting I thought this was my last try to open the suitcase using the power of positive thinking of my mind only. I laid my hands on the combination lock, closed my eyes and focused on opening the lock with the right combination. Without looking, I used my thumbs to turn the numbers on the lock…and it opened! WOW, I was amazed. I cannot say how it happened, it just did. I looked at the numbers and realized I would never have remembered them or knowingly used that set of numbers as the combination.

For me this was a very positive experience and I believe was a lesson to me that if we really concentrate and focus on what we want to achieve, we can do anything…we can even achieve Mind over Matter!

Now, more than ten years later, it happened again!

A few days ago I was in my hotel room this time in Hong Kong, again with a new suitcase, and again inadvertently locked my suitcase without knowing the new combination number. (What is it with me and combination locks?!)

This time it wasn’t so bad, as the case was in the “open” position when it happened, but I still couldn’t use the locking mechanism of my new suitcase in future. I tried a couple of times to jiggle the combination, but without success, and went through a similar process as I described above, but with no luck. I started to wonder if I had lost my touch!

Then just this afternoon with a calm, but focused approach I decided to set about opening the combination lock. Once again closing my eyes, after a few gyrations of the three digit numbers, the lock opened!

Is this another example of mind over matter? Or just Luck. To be honest I cannot say for sure. I know what I believe, and it works for me!

However, one thing I have learnt over time is that with many challenges in our lives, depending on whether we look at them from a positive or negative viewpoint the outcome can be quite different. In fact when looking at such situations my belief is that there is enough energy within us that allows us to develop such power over even material things, as long as we are willing to let go, have a good and clear intention and not harbor selfish or restrictive feelings. As I often say when confronted with such situations and dilemmas…it’s just a case of Mind over Matter…I don’t Mind, and it doesn’t Matter! J

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