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Joe Cauchi 

Marketing Mentor

Joe Cauchi.jpg

Joe has worked for a number of key companies in tourism and hospitality and his depth of knowledge and experience in the Asian Pacific region have made him a sought after resource for many companies. His success throughout the years is attributed to his no nonsense approach to challenges. He embraces staff as team members, creating a ‘we’re in it together’ company philosophy. He is committed to getting the job done and has a record of leaving companies in much better shape than when he joined them.

Joe is a native Australian and started his travel and hospitality career in a small three person travel agency in his home town, Sydney. After two years he was in the position of agency manager and took a senior position with Thomas Cook Travel opening branches throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. From there he took on a role with Singapore Airlines reaching a senior position in national marketing. His foray into the hospitality industry started in Darwin as the head of the sales department for the Beaufort Group. From there he moved to the Beaufort’s sister hotel in Singapore to a sales and marketing role. On completion of his contract in Singapore he moved to the Omni hotel in Vietnam in a similar role before taking on a cluster responsibility in Hong Kong overseeing the sales and marketing of Marco Polo's three major hotels.

After more than 30 years working for travel and hospitality corporations he opened his own sales and marketing company in Hong Kong for the industry offering north Asia coverage. After the success of the company within a year he formed a global group of sales and marketing companies licensing franchises. Finally due to a career opportunity in the US he sold his stake in the Hong Kong Company and took over the existing US division where he continues to help Asian tourism and hospitality companies tap this market.

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