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Do you believe in Syncro-Destiny?

This could be the title for my latest book review. Deepak Chopra wrote a book of this title that I read recently…but that will have to wait for another time.

In writing this piece I want to share with you one of those extraordinary experiences that actually happen quite often in my life now and makes you wonder how this Universe really works. Is this what is called syncro-destiny?

If you are sitting comfortably…then I will begin.

To start at the beginning, about two years ago, through a mutual friend I was put in touch with a lady named Julie Matthews, the wife of author Andrew Matthews. He had just written a book called Being a Happy Teenager, and wanted to share this knowledge with young people in Hong Kong. As I am a volunteer with the KELY Support Group (, our mutual friend thought this would be a great product to assist our outreach workers in their presentations. Julie and I had several Meetings to discuss the program. During this time I mentioned that I was writing a book and found out that Julie was also the publisher of her husband’s books. I thought, maybe I have found a publisher for the book I am writing!

Anyway, after the initial meetings we both got busy and started traveling again and lost touch.

Recently I was in Singapore and went to Borders bookstore looking for something new to read. I happened upon the book, Happiness in a nutshell by Andrew Matthews, and knew that I was supposed to purchase it, which I did, and also that I needed to get back in touch with Julie. I resolved to do so as soon as I was back in Hong Kong.

I was getting tired and thought I would go back to where I was staying to rest, but as I approached the MRT station, although tired, I felt that I should go further to the Kinokuniya bookstore in Takashimaya. I walked in and the first thing I saw was Andrew Matthews signing copies of his books for people and drawing cartoons for them. And of course Julie was also there with him, and I was able to be back in touch with her even sooner than I had anticipated.

Maybe I have found the publisher for my book after all?!...but that’s another story.
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I really recommend this very entertaining and insightful book. It is small, an easy read, including great illustrations, and can be readily carried around with you to act as a reminder of the real things that can and will make you Happy. I liked it so much I gave my first copy to a friend, and promptly went out and bought another copy. It makes a great gift for people you care about.

More about Andrew Matthews and his work can be found at: also his books can be ordered online here by clicking on the link to

Happy reading
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