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This book was one of the first presented to me as I started my journey. 


I have noticed that I connect very easily with many people who have read The Celestine Prophecy, as if we have a shared understanding of the way of the world.

This book is a fictional (?) story of a person embarking on an adventure to find an ancient manuscript that contains Nine Insights for the Human Race to understand as we enter an era of true spiritual awareness. It is about the people he meets along the way, the messages he receives, and also being open to receiving these important messages that help individuals find the next step in the life to take them to their lifelong goals
and enlightenment.

When I read this book I was still a Corporate Vice President in a regional hotel company, and that I could see that this was My Life in a mirror, at that time, was in its self, quite amazing to me. You see, I felt that I had started an Adventure in Life, not knowing quite where it would take me.

In fact when I started Sanctuary Resorts we by-lined the companies proposals, Sanctuary Resorts – An Adventure. I learned from the readings that there are no coincidences in life, but synchronistic happenings that are “Meant to be” and once recognized help us to reach our destiny. Many people were coming back into my life at that time and it seemed that they had a message for me whether a verbal one, or a non-verbal one, just to let me know there were people around to support me on whatever path my journey took me.

As this realisation developed, after a couple of years we modified the by- line to Sanctuary Resorts - A Journey, as we felt we progressed along our life’s path.
The message was clear I had started an adventure, a journey and there was no turning back.

I often quote this book and have referred it, or given it to friends and acquaintances as a gift, if I felt it would help them discover their path on their journey, and it is no surprise anymore that they have similar experiences to mine.

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